Previous participants

A number of Canadian labs have been at the forefront of basic research in telomere biology. The role of telomere and telomerase in cell senescence, cell immortalization and tumor progression was first demonstrated by Canadian scientists in the early 90s. Over the last few years, contributions from the most prominent Canadian labs have resulted in landmark papers published in top scientific journals. The symposium is open to all scientists with active research on telomere biology or directly associated fields, including telomere structure and function, telomerase, telomere involvement in genome stability, checkpoints, cellular senescence and aging, cellular transformation, and cancer

Laboratory: PI and location Area of expertise
Abou Elela (Sherbrooke) Rnt1p mediated regulation of telomerase
Autexier (McGill) Molecular, biochemical and cellular analysis of telomerase
Beattie (Calgary) Mutational analysis of telomerase
Benchimol (York, Toronto) Telomere binding proteins and DNA damage
Betts (U. of Guelph) Telomeres and telomerase in animal systems
Chabot ( Sherbrooke) hnRNPA1 and telomere maintenance; RNA splicing
Chaconas (Calgary) Hairpin telomeres and genome plasticity in Borrelia
Chartrand (U. de Montéal) Yeast telomerase RNA localization
Conconi (U de Sherbrooke) Nucleotide excision repair on telomeres of yeast
Drouin (Toronto) Double-strand break repair
Durocher (Lunenfeld, Toronto) DNA replication checkpoints; genetic instability
Ferbeyre (U. de Montreal) Replicative senescence
Harrington (OCI, Toronto) Telomerase biochemistry; telomerase associated proteins
Lansdorp (Terry Fox,Vancouver) Stem cells and telomere biology
Lees-Miller (Calgary) DNA-damage response
Lefebvre (UBC, Vancouver) Epigenetics of mouse development: from imprinting centres totelomeres
Mai (U. Manitoba, Winnipeg) c-Myc, telomeres, 3D nuclear organization of telomeres, cancer
Meyn (Sick Kids, Toronto) Molecular genetics of chromosome instability syndromes
Morin (BC Cancer Agency) Human telomerase
Riabowol (Calgary) Tumour suppressors in cell aging/immortalization
Squire (OCI, Toronto) Mechanisms of chromosomal rearrangements and cancer
Wellinger (U. de Sherbrooke) Telomeric DNA structures, replication and checkpoints
Zhu (McMaster, Hamilton) Telomere length maintenance and genomic stability